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      awesome art by Julie Dillon


      “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” —Hunter S. Thompson

      It’s a Full Moon in Aquarius! In opposition to love-planet Venus, this lunation increases our desire for romance and affection, while its opposition to Mars makes us ultra-twitchy about it. We want affection but may be moody and short-tempered. We may be ping-ponging back and forth between craving connection and emotional freedom; we want to be loved but also totally follow our own muses and not be beholden to someone else’s needs. We want to love and be loved, but on our own terms. Our emotions are, shall we say, complicated. 

      If single, you may be tempted to lower your standards or miss red flags due to the strength of your longing for love. If partnered, conflicts and friction are likely, due to different needs or expectations. If your relationship is shaky already, this could increase the risk of unproductive conflict. If it’s healthy, these tensions coming to light won’t be fun but they will ultimately support the continued growth of your relationship. 

      Because we may be more reactive right now, we need to be mindful of not becoming rigid in our egos and needing to be right. Don’t forget that you can’t un-say something once it’s out there, so take a breath and review: is what you’re putting out there in alignment with your integrity? Particularly definitive statements that feel like they MUST be said would be well-helped by applying this strategy.

      If you can’t and it comes out anyway, OH WELL! Don’t be hard on yourself; everything that happens is taking you where you need to go. Accept your place as a drop in this ocean and try to enjoy the rocking of the waves! <3 

      Awesome art by Julie Dillon



      Happy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn! As with every Full Moon, this lunation offers energetic support for culminations and conclusions. In the work-oriented sign of Capricorn, this Full Moon encourages us to look at things with shrewd “taking care of business” eyes, and get serious about deciding what will actually bring us happiness. Is where you’re heading aligned with your core values, or have you been going with a flow that you didn’t intentionally choose? We are called now to let go of what we’ve fallen into without thinking, and also the things we’ve been think we’re *supposed* to do, but that don’t really line up with our true desires.
      Although today’s eclipse is only partial, the energy may feel even more intense than the last one. The time between this and the last eclipse is known as the ‘eclipse portal’, and it has been a powerful time of friction, challenges, and a lot of shaking up of things we had probably previously taken for granted as stable. High highs and low lows have been abundant, and they have all ultimately been directing us to take responsibility for our own evolution. You’ve probably been feeling it, witnessing it, making note of patterns, recognizing habits, and building awareness during at least the past two weeks. Lunar eclipses bring things to light, and epiphanies are likely now. The need to take action feels urgent. Whatever comes up now will likely not be something truly “new” happening, but something that has been brewing coming to fulfillment. The closing of this eclipse portal allows us to take what we’ve been learning with us, and the actions that we take will ultimately clear away the emotional baggage of the past six months. Move forward with intention and faith. <3



      Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer! As with every New Moon, this lunation offers energetic support for planting seeds and starting something new. Eclipse energy briefly pauses the energy between the sun, moon, and Earth, and then supercharges what comes next. If things have been feeling stagnant or stuck, this eclipse will help you cut the cord and move forward with a refreshing WHOOOSH! of clear and vibrant energy. We suddenly are aware with great clarity of what’s been holding us back. We may feel the urge to purge our homes, end a relationship, make a career change, or move to a new city. For some of us, it won’t be so drastic, but we will find our attention called to where we feel a desire to set new boundaries or question old habits, beliefs, or behaviors.

      Cancer is the sign of the Divine Mother, and while we may not all have grown up with the nurturing love of the archetypical mother, we do each have the choice and the opportunity to offer it to ourselves. How can you move forward with the greatest love, respect, and care for yourself? It is an extremely valuable and powerful time to write down what you want to call into your life, whether that is concrete goals or feelings you want to experience more. The writing clarifies your intention in a way that not much else does. This loving lunation invites you to take that time for yourself tonight, to sit with your most dear desires and get clear on what you want. 



      Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! What would normally be a free-spirited and adventurous lunation is made extra intense by a lot of other planetary action: Mercury and Mars in emotional Cancer and Saturn and Pluto in discipline-enforcing Capricorn. Mercury in Cancer is assisting us in getting in touch with and better expressing our feelings, while Mars’ influence is making them feel more intense—like they *must* be acted on *now*. Beware the tendency to make snap decisions or declarations based on the feeling of the moment, and recognize that strong emotions are triggered extra easily right now. If we feel attacked or unsafe, we are likely to SNAP! with our crab claws, in ways that we might not usually choose. At the same time, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are digging up unresolved issues around structure, authority, and discipline. These planetary vibes are in direct opposition to the way the free-spirited Sagittarius moon enhances our desire to feel unencumbered and open to possibility. We may find ourselves feeling frustrated and stuck, though we can and should lean into the Sagittarian impulse to seek the lessons in conflict and struggle, and take in what we observe as opportunities for growth.

      This moon ultimately marks a period of expansion, even though at this time this may be through taking a step back, recognizing the things that limit us, and working on step-by-step plans to address the not-so-fun aspects of achieving a dream. Sagittarius’ positive attitude can help us take on these tasks in good humor, and we also have compassionate Neptune in harmonious aspects with both the Capricorn and Cancer planets helping us to keep the energies of love, connection, and dignity in their highest vibration as we do whatever we do. Check yourself when you feel impulsively compelled toward immediate action, seek out opportunities to be amused and amazed, and dedicate some time to contemplating a dream you want to achieve and what you believe you need to get there. 



      It’s a New Moon in Gemini! This marks the start of a new cycle, and chatty Mercury-ruled Gemini fills our heads and hearts with a whirling swirling rush of ideas and potential paths to pursue. A lucky and imaginative Jupiter-Neptune square makes many things feel possible and promising. There’s a very optimistic energy in the air—which feels *fabulous*—but it’s easy to be deluded or mislead, so we need to be mindful to keep our feet on the ground and not get carried away with our excited ideas. The best use of the current vibes is to work at aligning the trappings of your present with the vision of your future, that is: getting rid of old clothes or books you don’t want to read, ideas that are no longer helpful, people who drain your energy.

      Saturn on the South Node calls us to figure out what we’re committed to and leave behind the rest, completing karmic contracts and bringing closure. So, how do we stay grounded when doing all this, and how do we discern whether we are making the best choices for ourselves or getting swept up in something? Pay attention to the way emotions feel in your body. If you think about a particular thing, how does your body feel? Is your attention drawn to a particular area? It is constricted? Tingly? Open? Achey? Your intuition will speak to you through physical sensations.

      Anything you can do to get yourself present in your body right now will be helpful for strengthening this channel, like dancing, going for a walk, or doing a yoga nidra meditation. Our tendency now is to think about everything; there is a lot of good stuff flowing through our heads to learn from and use, but feeling how those thoughts physically affect us can be most helpful in determining how to use them as we move forward. 

      Mexicali Blues Scorpio Full Moon


      Happy Full Flower Moon in the sensual and mysterious sign of Scorpio! May 18th's intensely emotional lunation invites us to look at our deepest desires and the secrets of our hearts. It may be time to accept or uncover a deep truth we have been carrying, and this weekend is energetically potent for diving deeply in order to determine what exactly that truth is. It may be, instead, that someone else is doing the revealing work, and we are tasked with processing or accepting their revelation rather than our own. Either way, this Full Moon is all about something being pulled up from the depths and into the light, revealing something new. Whatever it is will affect you profoundly, and––even if it doesn’t feel good in the moment––is going to transform something about your life in a positive and necessary way. Soon, when the lunar energy moves into Sagittarius, we will likely feel the need to expand and share our learning and transformation through teaching, writing, or travel. Now is a time for vivid emotions, processing, revealing, and working through what is painful. It is about allowing ourselves to be wounded and vulnerable: trusting that through acting with honesty and openness, we will soon come to a brighter place of healing that is more expansive and free than we thought possible. The only way out is through. <3