September 8, 2014 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Pisces

September 08, 2014

September 8, 2014 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Pisces

Happy full moon in Pisces! This full Harvest moon is also a super moon, which means its energies are extra potent, so get ready!

The full moon in this watery sign brings heightened emotions, as well as receptivity to the emotions (and emotional impact) of those around you. If you find yourself feeling particularly sensitive leading up to this full moon, you know why! It can bring to the surface psychic wounds and pain stemming from childhood, the past, and/or your shadow side–particularly relating to being emotionally nurtured and supported. These feelings may flow into your consciousness like a seemingly overwhelming tidal rush, but the key to using this positively is to remain aware and not to get swept away–paradoxically, diving in even deeper during this full moon may be what helps you to finally move on! Think on past and present methods of relating that have caused feelings of pain or conflict in your life–is there an argument you keep having? Or a way in which you feel that you are constantly not heard or appreciated? Take a look at what it is that brings up these feelings for you, and–this is the more challenging, yet even more powerful aspect–the ways in which you may be in denial about YOUR power or role in this cycle. Remember lovelies, this doesn’t mean that any wounding you have experienced is your fault, but we often have the tendency to unwittingly perpetuate the cycle when there is a lesson to learn that we just don’t want to see.

That’s what the power of this moon is all about, unearthing and cleansing our hearts of the psychic baggage that we try to pretend isn’t there. The weight of it affects everything we experience, though we often point at something else–often external, coming from others–as the cause of our troubles. Be aware of the tendency right now to be extra judgemental, pointing the finger at the “other” and feeling that they are the one with all the issues who must do the work. It is very important to look within with humility and honesty, to understand why we are provoked and feeling the need to judge.

The full moon tonight is also forming a Grand Water Trine with Juno in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio, an alignment which offers up to each of us a strong yet flowing energy of empowerment to deal with these things–we are at this time completely supported in the healing and cleansing of our karmic pasts (particularly in relationships) IF we are willing to delve into the shadow, and take responsibility for the part we play.

So, how do we recognize what that is and what to do with it? While the mind presents us with possibilities and choices, the heart holds the truth of who we are. While emotions are fluid, we all have core convictions and yearnings that drive us. Some questions to ask yourself to suss out what those are: What is my truth? What do I believe without question? What comes easily to me (even if I don’t like it)? When do I feel most confident or engaged? What am I being called to be and to do?

You can get into a place to honestly address these questions by making a conscious choice to act intuitively tonight. Try dancing to your favorite music with no steps in mind, do yoga but in no planned sequence, explore an invented space through meditative visualization, fill a blank piece of paper with drawing or free-writing with no end goal in mind.

Our intuitions can guide us to new perceptions now, and we can use the power of those ideas to transform reality. This Pisces moon opens the floodgates to our deepest emotional waters, and it is in these depths that we facilitate our own healing, moving into our most authentic selves and becoming the wise and compassionate masters of our destinies.


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