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Music Monday: Best Free Ways to Discover Music Online

April 19, 2010

Music Monday: Best Free Ways to Discover Music Online

Whether you’re tired of the music you always listen to or want to add some variety to your next mixtape, discovering a new band that you really dig is always an awesome feeling! The internet is a perfect place to find pretty much anything, but if you don’t know what you are looking for you can get lost for hours. So, here below are several cool and convenient ways to find new tunes!

Tune Glue is a user-friendly “music map”, in which you type the name of an artist you enjoy, and it suggests six more based on that. You can keep clicking away and it will reccommend more and more bands. Some band names allow you to click on them for a small bio, but in general once you see a name that strikes your fancy, you have to seek it out yourself (see below for the best ways to do that).

A couple of other sites that work using the same concept (recommendations of artists similar to those you already like) are Music Map, Bloson, and Music Roamer.

Say you are wanting to branch out from your usual tastes, however, and aren’t seeking music similar to that you already listen to. Music blogs are a great place to find bands and even genres you had no idea existed. The Hype Machine searches music blogs for the best in music reviews and blog posts that contain mp3 files to stream or download. Music on the Hype Machine can be browsed in many different ways. One way that this blogger likes to use it is typing in a band I like, and seeing what else the bloggers that have mentioned that band have going on on their page. These tunes are usually not sonically similar, but sometimes rock in their own way! Try it; you’ll like it!

There are also cool blogs like One Track Mind that make it easy for bands to share their tunes by submitting them for review to the site. Each song is accompanied by a blog post about the artist, and you can also download the mp3 for free, and rate the song. The ratings are reflected in three criteria: originality, repeat listen potential and overall verdict.

Once you’ve found some new music that you think you might like, ifyou weren’t able to listen to it during your search there are several options available to you. You can listen to clips of most songs on Amazon, return to the Hype Machine and seek it out there, go to the artists’ websites, or use Lala. I personally think Lala is the coolest musical internet thing ever! You can listen to any song once for free (and they have quite a large selection), and then there are really low prices if you want to buy songs or albums in mp3 or CD form. The only downside is that you do have to register to use Lala, but it is quick and relatively painless (no credit card information or address needed).

Now get out there and find some new music to love!

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