Aug 7, 2019

We've worked with awesome Mexicali maker Imtiyaz (pronounced "em-taz") for over 10 years. To get "home" to our favorite hotel in the Thamel district of Kathmandu, we often walked through a bustling busy bazaar of street vendors hawking their wares. Imtiyaz was always smiling, and Mexicali's founder Pete was drawn to him.

Initially attracted only by his glowing positive demeanor, as we approached his shop, we suddenly realized why Imtiyaz wasn't loudly promoting his wares--the bold clothing covered in an enchanting harmony of colors and textures truly spoke for itself!

Once we came to know Imtiyaz, we really came to love him as well! While he's a big guy, he's soft-spoken with a melodious voice. Creative and passionate about his art, Imtiyaz is also an amazing listener and applies that to crafting fashion magic specifically for Mexicali customers. He often overhears off-hand comments and surprises us with things aligned with what we didn't even realize we had been wishing for!

Something unrelated to work specifically, but which we really admire about Imtiyaz, is his dedication to his family and community. The closest mosque is miles away, so he created a prayer room in the back of his shop where locals can come to pray throughout the day. At first we were so confused by all the people who were walking in and out of the shop but not stopping to look at any clothing! When Imtiyaz told us what they were doing, we couldn't help but be impressed at how he was using part of his shop-space to help others. Not only is he one of our favorite clothing creators due to his amazing design skills, but he is someone we are proud to call a friend!

Shop Imtiyaz's awesome fashion creations HERE!Β 

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