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March 8th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Super Moon in Pisces

March 08, 2016

March 8th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Super Moon in Pisces

Happy New Moon in Pisces! The power of today’s lunation is amplified by a concurrent solar eclipse, calling us to address our health and healing—not just of the physical body (though for many, this is indeed asking for attention), but also on energetic, emotional, and social levels. All of these areas of life are interconnected and can positively or negatively impact each other in terms of our well-being, and now is an important time to at least set intention to be mindful and deliberate with our actions in these arenas. This New Moon is also a Super Moon, meaning it is closest to earth in its orbital path, giving it an extra strong effect on the tides as well as our own emotions and bodies. Pisces is a sign symbolic of the physical ocean, as well as the ocean of emotion within each of us and also the collective unconscious, which Jungian phsychological theory defines as a part of the unconscious mind incorporating patterns of memories, instincts, and experiences common to all mankind. These patterns are inherited, may be arranged into archetypes, and are observable through their effects on dreams, behaviour, etc. The collective unconscious is what binds and reminds us that we are ALL in this together.

Particularly in this time of political intention and action (which tends to show us–in technicolor–how we are divided), we are called to try to witness the collective and ancestral suffering and woes of the world (and ourselves as part of it) with a compassionate heart, and use that witnessing for deep and powerful healing. We are being asked to review and renew our intentions with this healing in mind, integrating all of our past experience and releasing or forgiving the remnants that have been holding on.
The New Moon is a time to plant new seeds and start fresh chapters in the tales of our lives, while the solar eclipse calls us to release old energies and stagnant stories to the solar fire, burning it up to transform into something better through a blast of auratic alchemy. Neptune enhances our powers of intuition, imagination, and connection to the mystical realms to help with this task.
It is possible that focusing on the logical steps of how to get to healing feels challenging right now, and if so, don’t resist the impulse to let your mind drift. This is a highly creative time, and you may find unexpected insight and answers through dreams, visions, art, dance, or writing. . . anywhere where symbols, images, and metaphors reign. The time has come to heal and release the karmic hold of the past; whatever actions or visions feel like they are moving you forward in a joyful and loving direction, follow them!

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