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June 27, 2018


June 28th is a Full Moon in Capricorn!  Nobody will ever tell you that Capricorn’s forté is feelings, and this Saturn-ruled sign is the zodiac’s task-master, pushing us to ground and actualize our ideas by focusing attention and taking concrete steps toward our goals.  With its ruling planet in retrograde right next to this Full Moon, the Saturnian vibes that challenge us to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions (or lack of actions) are extra strong. It is possible that during the next couple of weeks, we will be feeling more serious, fearful, guilty, or restricted than usual. Saturn is a stern teacher who imposes rules and limits to get us on a positive track, which is ultimately helpful but really not any fun.  In Greek mythology, Saturn was also known as Cronus, the god of time and “devourer of freedom”.  We may find ourselves particularly struggling with time, having trouble using it the way we want, not being late to appointments, etc.  We are invited right now to ask ourselves what we are doing to move us toward the things we want, and to look at the ways we avoid responsibility.  If we’re not big on self-enquiry, we may find that we are called out on these things by someone else! 

Whether we come to recognition on our own or through external feedback, this lunation offers a powerful opportunity to witness ourselves and our situations clearly and unemotionally, to take logical stock of what we're working with, what can help us grow, and what is best left behind. A harmonious aspect with Uranus (the planet of upheaval and swift change) brings chance encounters and opportunities to break free of restrictions or behaviors that we can witness now as unhealthy/unhelpful, though this energy is not as strong as the Saturn+Capricorn Moon enforcer vibes.  It will likely be very difficult to jump on an impulsive Uranian lightning bolt and zoom away, but it isn't impossible. If you can go for it, it might end up turning everything upside-down in a really awesome way!  

Contributing to the difficulty of following a potentially disruptive impulse is that Capricorn/Saturn can make us feel extra cautious as we resonate with all of the logistics and possible pitfalls.  If we're not feeling ready to move on something just yet, this is still a beautiful and powerful time to devote attention to planning. You'll find it easier than usual to break a big idea down step-by-step, and find your way to recognizing all the unglamorous but important daily tasks that it requires to get you where you want to go.  Try brainstorming on paper in an organized way; charts and tables can be your friends right now.  Make it less austere of a project by burning some magical incense while you write, listening to groovy wordless tunes, and using colored pens or pencils!  Do whatever you need to, to remind yourself--even if this part is tedious and kind of dull--that this is ultimately in service of aiming the arrow of your life where your heart really wants to go! <3

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