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July 4th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Cancer

July 03, 2016

July 4th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Cancer

Tomorrow night’s fireworks will sparkle particularly brightly in the dark night of the Cancer New Moon!  This New Moon is forming two strong aspects to both Saturn and Neptune, so it’s likely that this will not be a typical New Moon where we can set intention on this precise day and set off towards our wishes, hopes, and dreams.  Neptune may be influencing us to feel deeply but also unrealistically, and Saturn shows us that we may need to make adjustments before choices are made.  We might need to wait a day or two and consider what we really want to manifest before we can see clearly.

This New Moon is ultimately directing your attention to self-care and how you nurture yourself.  How are you taking care of you?  Can you love and honor yourself more than you want to please others?  Pluto is in direct opposition to this moon, and may be bringing up feelings of guilt or jealousy.  It also makes us analyze how we’re being affected by our relationships. Are your needs being met? Who is difficult? What needs to change for you?

It is likely that some will be finding themselves torn between familial duties and personal passions,  perhaps trying to be everything to everyone and spreading one’s self too thin.  Be on the lookout for tendencies of trying control the situation, under the guise of nurturing.  If you’re experiencing pushback from others when you are trying to do something “nice”, step back and take a look at your motivations.  What exactly are you trying to accomplish, and why? Be watchful for this behavior coming at you from others as well, and try to respond with compassion—remember that this way of interacting is amplified by the current astrology and likely won’t feel so prickly in the near future!  Be focused on your personal goals, who and how you want to be, and try hard to respond rather than react.

This moon may bring to light your shadow side, your weaknesses and “bad” behaviors.  Pluto digs up that which we repress or deny about ourselves.  The challenge now is to own these un-loved aspects of yourself, don’t dismiss them, but also consciously put more energy into doing what EMPOWERS YOU. What makes you feel strong? What makes you feel confident? What makes you feel that the world is filled with possibility? See the shadow but don’t let its existence convince you that you’re unworthy of your most sparkling dreams.  You might have an opportunity now to really witness the ways you sabotage yourself.  This may sound grim, but it’s actually really exciting as it will help you to move forward in a positive way!  Take good care of yourself, try to act from love instead of fear, and make some art if you can!

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