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April 20, 2018


Earth Day is this Sunday 4/22, and we want to give you a heads up that we’ll be celebrating in two cool ways on that day:

1. Spend $30 in any of our locations (including www.mexicaliblues.com) and get a free reusable market bag. These canvas bags feature a laminated interior for easy cleaning, and we just LOVE them!

2. 10% of ALL Earth Day sales will be donated to Reverb, an awesome local organization dedicated to greening the music scene.

Want to know more about where those dollars are going?  Chris Spinato, REVERB’s head of Sponsorship and Project Management, was kind enough to give us a

What is Reverb?

REVERB was started in 2004 by environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her musician husband, Adam Gardner of Guster. They had three main goals: to help address the environmental impact of live music, aid musicians in supporting the causes they care about on their tours, and use the power of music to bring together millions of people to create change. The idea for REVERB sprang up over a breakfast table conversation. Adam was increasingly dismayed by the footprint that touring with his band left on the environment – trucks and buses using diesel fuel, single-use plastic water bottles, disposable products in catering… the list goes on. He also felt frustrated by not having enough time to dedicate to using Guster’s concerts as a platform for good. And he wasn’t alone. As Guster toured throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s, Adam heard similar concerns from other musicians. But, at the time, there was no real solution.

Having heard Adam’s concerns before, and recognizing many of these issues herself, Lauren decided it was time to do something about it. So, drawing on Lauren’s background as an environmentalist and Adam’s connection to the music industry, and with months of work and preparation, they hit the road with the Barenaked Ladies and Alanis Morissette on the Au Naturale Tour. That tour served as the foundation of REVERB’s work – helping to connect thousands of fans with issues that were important to the artists (clean energy and a healthy environment, in this case), supporting dozens of nonprofit organizations and reducing the tour’s environmental footprint. And they’ve never looked back.

Now, 14 years later, REVERB has grown to be one of the most influential nonprofits in music connecting with millions of fans, working with tens of thousands of volunteers, and supporting thousands of local, regional and national nonprofits on hundreds of tours, festivals, and venues.

How to the artists participate in what REVERB is doing?

Artists get involved in all sorts of ways.  The simple act of partnering with us on their tours says a lot about their dedication to environmental and social activism.  Often the best and most impactful thing artists can do is being vocal about the causes they care about.  Artists have a unparalleled connection with their fans, which means they also have an unmatched ability to galvanize their fans to take action on important issues.

But it’s not just about speaking out, it’s about walking the walk. The artists we partner with all do their part to adopt more sustainable practices on tour and encourage their fans to do the same. They also actively work with our team to create the tour activations fans experience, incorporate sustainability measures into their riders, and roll up their sleeves to take part in things like service projects.

How can concert-goers help to create a greener concert experience? 

Be an activist. Politely, but firmly, request that the venues and festivals you patronize take steps to reduce their environmental impact through simple yet effective efforts like offering recycling or eliminating plastic straws at concessions. You can also find out if they allow fans to bring in empty reusable water bottles and if there are refill stations available in the venue. If they do, make a plan to bring a reusable water bottle so you can ditch disposables.  If they don’t, ask them to consider it.

Also, and this is important, be vocal and supportive of the venues and festivals that are doing good stuff environmentally – spread the word on social media, write an email thanking them for their efforts, tell your friends.  It’s important that we all recognize when people are doing the right things, not just complaining when they don’t!

And finally, it’s ultimately about personal choices.  If a recycling bin or garbage is overflowing, don’t add to it. Find another place to responsibly get rid of your waste.  Use environmentally friendly ways to get to a show – bike, carpool, or take public transportation.  The small things really add up!

If you’re interested in getting directly involved with spreading awareness and making the concert experience greener, REVERB is always looking for volunteers! You can apply to volunteer with them right here.

What would a volunteer be doing at a show?

Volunteers do lots of different things when they work with REVERB at shows. On tours, volunteers are usually helping REVERB bring the artists’ cause campaigns to life by talking with other fans and engaging them around different environmental and social issues through fun, yet impactful activations.

Venue and festival programs usually focus on the #RockNRefill program – a joint effort between REVERB and Nalgene – that helps reduce the need for single-use plastic water bottles by providing free water at our water stations and offering custom reusable Nalgene bottles to fans to raise donations that help support nonprofit organizations.  Volunteers help spread the word, informing fans about the availability of free water and the custom Nalgene bottles, while collecting donations for the reusable bottles.

Oh, and they get to watch the show, of course!

What was REVERB up to last year?

Alongside consistent action and activism, REVERB took on a very cool project last year: In 2017, the REVERB team partnered with Jack Johnson and his nonprofit, All at Once, to create the most ambitious, most sustainable tour they’ve have ever done.  It’s hard to say if it was the “greenest” tour of all time, but we’re not aware of any tour that has done more.

Working alongside Jack, the team created a program that required every venue the tour played to meet stringent environmental standards and then helped them meet those goals. And those environmental efforts will stand long after the tour has passed through.  Also, each night REVERB hosted local nonprofit groups that reflected causes and campaigns that were important to each individual community along the tour, raising awareness and over $1 million dollars in direct support. And for the first time, they took these efforts international, working with Jack’s tour as it traveled to South America, Australia and New Zealand.

The tour was a huge success by any measure, but especially when measured by its impact for people and the planet.  The REVERB team is  immensely proud of what they accomplished on that tour and all of their tours last year!

Thank you so much to Chris at REVERB for answering all of our questions, and sharing greater insight into this awesome organization! We at Mexicali absolutely love what they do, and are super stoked to be offering our support with 10% of Earth Day sales! Your Mexicali purchases always do good, with 1% of everything going back to organizations that make the world better, and we hope you will join us on April 22nd for some shopping fun that makes a particularly positive impact!


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