August 1st-August 7th: Lughnasadh & the Goddess of the Harvest ๐ŸŒพ

August 1st-August 7th: Lughnasadh & the Goddess of the Harvest ๐ŸŒพ

Jul 31, 2021

Lughnasadh. ๐ŸŒž The Festival of Light, celebrating the god Lugh, in Celtic lore, the son of Tailtu, goddess of the Harvest. Grains are cut down: barley, wheat, rye. Energies of our Sun and Earth are ensconced in the seeds.

We break these seeds.ย  Weeks of bread baking ensue. Berries ripen. We enter Lammastide.

Shakespeare's Juliet turns 14 on August 1st, Lammas, herself ripe for Love. Halfway between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox, it's a cross-quarter point in the astrological year.ย  What is coming to fruition for you? What do you take in as food for thought?

Mercury and the Sun conjoin on this first day of the week in the royal heat of Leo, both at 9 degrees. This is called a Cazimi, where a planet meets the heart of the Sun and is dissolved in Solar intensity, then recast in a new form.

Gemini and Virgo, the signs ruled by Mercury, will experience a merging with Leonine vision and purpose to carry new ideals forward, lighting up with inspiration.

Leos: you may feel a compulsion to express yourself, but Saturn opposes you in Aquarius so a hand of cool restraint can guide your words to a more objective level. It's a balancing act to be performed gracefully.ย 

And the Moon, conveying it's messages born in the new Moon of Cancer, illuminated in Aquarius, and carried through this lunation cycle, arrives at the third quarter square and evaporates into the emptiness of the balsamic phase before the new Moon on the Eighth of August.

This is the lunar phase of release. Empty your pockets, turn your gaze to the night sky and wait for the next incoming impulse. Rest in the heart of the Lion, Regulus.

The Perseids are coming!


Our astrologer, Laura Kenworthy, has been studying the patterns of the cosmic matrix for more than forty years.. The language of astrology came naturally for her but she was also fortunate enough to have had several masterful mentors including Rick Tarnas, author of Cosmos and Psyche, Kelly Lee Phipps, Liz Greene, and most recently Adam Ellenbaas.ย  If you would like to have a personal reading, she can be reached at Learn to dance with the stars!

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