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7 Point Glitter Star Lantern

7 Point Glitter Star Lantern

Responsibly Imported from India

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Light Kit For Hanging Lanterns Light Kit For Hanging Lanterns $9.00 $6.75


Bring some new light into your bohemian home with our unique 7-pointed star lantern. This lantern is made of durable paper with tiny glittering golden stars decorating it. Cutouts allow light to illuminate the star from within. When lit, the lamp gives any space a soft, ambient glow. The number seven has long been considered a spiritually lucky number, so may many blessings come your way whenever you hang our star lantern! Light kit not included but available above.

With our paper lanterns, you can use any lightbulb that doesn't exceed 40W.  We recommend a CFL (those swirly, curly ones) or an LED, because they put off minimal heat.  



9.5" deep22" high



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